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tangerinelullaby asked:

I happen to stumble upon your blogspot and then I landed here! Love your blog, like you I am not one who is easily impressed or smitten by kpop. Unless of course, I never tire listening to Clazziquai. My least favorite for now would be HYUNA. Hahahaha!

Thanks for the support. I also liked Clazziquai way back in the day when they still released music.

miinacho asked:

It's my first time to read your articles/posts at blogspot. I found it very interesting and funny. It's a bit harsh too, since I was like that before. Reading your posts made me learn my lesson. Keep up the good work! ^_^

You’re welcome. Yeah, most people think we’re too harsh and go over the top, but that’s what makes AKF interesting to read and separates it from every other blog/site out there.

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