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I never thought I’d be writing a post about Ladies’ Code’s car accident and everything it has led to, or that it’d be my first text post. Sadly, it is. Sadly, this is happening. That sentence we’ve all had in our minds these days, “This is happening”, is really hard to understand, even though we…

tangerinelullaby asked:

I happen to stumble upon your blogspot and then I landed here! Love your blog, like you I am not one who is easily impressed or smitten by kpop. Unless of course, I never tire listening to Clazziquai. My least favorite for now would be HYUNA. Hahahaha!

Thanks for the support. I also liked Clazziquai way back in the day when they still released music.

miinacho asked:

It's my first time to read your articles/posts at blogspot. I found it very interesting and funny. It's a bit harsh too, since I was like that before. Reading your posts made me learn my lesson. Keep up the good work! ^_^

You’re welcome. Yeah, most people think we’re too harsh and go over the top, but that’s what makes AKF interesting to read and separates it from every other blog/site out there.

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